The understanding and choice of keyboard holster

- 2017-10-09-

It is understood that the keyboard leather case is not difficult to do ordinary waterproof function. A certain amount of water can be added in the mold development. The old product can be waterproof if it is slightly changed. But if you want to be legendary "five-star" waterproof, you need to improve in other areas. In recent years, the "waterproof" of the keyboard holster product has become the standard configuration of the domestic keyboard holster. The promotion of these waterproof keyboard holsters has many differences, such as some claiming to have splashing water, and some saying that it is four-star waterproof or five-star waterproof. Many consumers will be confused about the propaganda of these manufacturers. To what extent is the so-called waterproofing, especially star waterproofing? How to know and choose a waterproof keyboard holster?

The understanding and choice of keyboard holster

1, splashing water function. The most basic keyboard holster waterproof design, adding a few water holes in the keyboard holster panel, splashing on the water surface can leave a leak hole. However, this design is simply a waterproof function that does not allow internal water, or may be scrapped once the conductive film is introduced into the water keyboard holster.

2, four-star waterproof function. The keyboard holster is designed to add more water holes on the basis of the splash of the water-based product, and the conductive film is designed as a whole, and the waterproof performance is better. As long as the water does not enter the keyboard holster of the board, there is no problem.

3, for waterproof keyboard holster, many consumers think that the water behind the keyboard holster as long as the surface is clean. In fact, it is a misunderstanding. The water on the surface of the keyboard holster is easy to clean, the internal water can only be opened to clean the keyboard holster, or the water in the area is too long, otherwise it will affect the use of the holster. A humid environment is more likely to breed harmful bacteria. Through cost constraints, the waterproof and waterproof life of the keyboard holster is limited, repeated washing, then maybe scrapped.

So don't think that it's just water soaked into the keyboard holster. Then from the actual application, let's take a look at what different users are waterproof keyboard holsters. From the application you need to choose your own product. It can be said that the waterproof ability and the price have a certain relationship, especially in the following hundreds of dollars of products, the waterproof performance and the price are directly proportional. Ordinary users only need to choose the keyboard holster splash function, and Internet users, non-four-star or five-star keyboard holster is not, after all, the use of the environment determines the choice of consumers.

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