Shenzhen leather keyboard gives you the choice

- 2017-09-14-

After buying a new computer, I believe that many people will buy a Shenzhen leather keyboard that will not be scratched. However, it is very important that the computer needs to support the use of a Bluetooth keyboard at a business meeting. It is necessary to choose a keyboard that supports a unified computer.

The computer accessories market has a variety of quality, and the quality is mixed. The holster of the Bluetooth keyboard is from 10 yuan to several hundred pieces. The price difference is so big. What is the difference? How to choose the right Bluetooth keyboard set? Today I got 129 yuan X98 plus Taiwan special keyboard leather disk, and compare the leather of Shenzhen leather keyboard Bluetooth keyboard, I bought a keyboard holster to help.

Shenzhen leather keyboard gives you the choice

Shenzhen leather case keyboard special leather case with beige diamond pattern pu leather, pu leather has wear-resistant, cold-resistant, breathable, aging-resistant, soft texture, environmentally friendly and so on. The diamond pattern is the most difficult process in PU leather, with the best wear resistance and the most comfortable feel. The leather case is made of high-grade press-formed edge technology, and the edges are neat and clean, and it is not easy to explode the edges.

The epoxy resin board is used between the leather jacket layers, has good torsion resistance and no deformation. In contrast, the Shenzhen leather keyboard leather-sheathed Bluetooth keyboard is cumbersome, with great discounts on portability and a weaker typing experience. In addition, the Shenzhen holster keyboard Bluetooth keyboard is not fully filled, no need to worry anymore, it is easy to scrape the screen on the computer when it is closed. Smaller and more portable.

A penny of goods is the same reason, all kinds of details can be seen, in this small flat-panel accessories also spent a lot of thoughts, every detail can see kungfu, carefully carved. When you use it, you can't feel it, but you can distinguish it by comparison. When you buy a leather keyboard, you have to leave a heart and choose a quality product to make it comfortable to use.

Shenzhen leather case keyboard leather back design, providing a variety of high choices, using Shenzhen leather keyboard is more stable!

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