Dongguan Jinmo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Chai Jianbo, director of Xiangjiang Town, Pingjiang, Hunan Province, director of the Pingjiang Chamber of Commerce in Hunan, Hunan. General Manager of Dongguan Jinmo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. In 2004, Shenzhen Haige Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. was appointed as the sales manager of Southwest Region in Chengdu. In 2008, Shenzhen Haige Digital Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established. In 2013, Dongguan Jinmo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established, focusing on wired keyboard, Bluetooth keyboard and various sizes. Development, manufacturing and sales of key cores.

Message from the President:

Harmony between heaven and earth comes from hand in hand. The quality of the character is the same, the mission of the benefits is Yonghui. Do not sell the future with immediate benefits.
We pursue steady operation and honesty. We hold high the banner of responsibility and move toward our dreams.
We pursue diligence and do things in good faith. We walked with the bright people to create a great cause.


The company has passed GB/T19001-2008 idt ISO9001:2008 standard ISO certification

corporate vision

Be one of the most influential technology companies, focus, be pragmatic, hard work, innovation, win confidence with quality, and win the future with innovation.

Our Mission

Use wireless technology to create an infinite quality of life for human beings, and achieve a win-win situation for the company, employees, customers and society.

Business status

Jinmo currently has a group of cutting-edge scientific and technological talents in the field of electronic technology, advanced production technology to ensure the company's production capacity and quality consistency (monthly production capacity of 1 million finished products). We have developed IPAD dedicated Bluetooth keyboard with independent intellectual property rights, Android system dedicated Bluetooth keyboard, Windows system dedicated Bluetooth keyboard, folding Bluetooth keyboard, aluminum alloy Bluetooth keyboard, solar Bluetooth keyboard, colorful backlit Bluetooth keyboard and other nearly 20 wireless Bluetooth keyboards. . The fast and thoughtful after-sales service system has won the trust and support of domestic and foreign enterprises. Its service customers include well-known listed companies such as Yidao, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, and Ai Gao. The products are sold well in Europe, South America, North America and the Middle East. More than 30 countries and regions including Asia and Africa.